A large number of new cartoon sculpture

(A) the stone surface with nitric acid or hydrochloric acid, water, brush the water. Due to chemical reaction has stone surface corrosion. Can be put in the summer open-air shower, put a long time and quite similar artifacts due to nitric acid or hydrochloric acid, water and black water caused by bright seamless Moreover, on 4) have wrinkled skin of shape. But the real heritage has no such thing.

(B) The stone carving with fire hot, white Angeles water transfer loess smear on it, to be dry like doing archaeological finds.

(Iii) The stone carving Smoky water slightly alum cook with it for several days. Then remove the stone, after drying, was the color of rust like iron filings.

(Iv) use stone Teng Huang alum boiled for several days, with (iii) the effect.

(V) with incense head stone carving smoked on a layer of the original tires, placed in sunny place, spray several times a day, after a few months and then floating the soot surface dust with cold water brush, glaze and remaining smoke stone carving condensation thing with true loess rust is not much different.

(Vi) open water with potassium permanganate good, applied to the stone statue, potassium permanganate to suffer in infiltration, in accordance with the requirements of shades of color, and then the surface floating color washed away with water, then rub with a little yellow mud again, that is able to achieve the effect of antique works. Know where real stone artifacts, if the use of alkaline brush their rust will not peel off. If the fraud of rust, was realistic, but the brush of its alkaline rust gone.