Cartoon sculpture category

In recent years. Endless variety of cartoon images, very popular, like Viking, Fuwa, Momotaro, etc. Altman cartoon image and is active in a number of film and television arts comedy stars who have become three-dimensional image through sculpture.

Cartoon sculpture is the use of exaggeration, distortion and other techniques, the characters, animals and other objects in shaping behavior, such as three-dimensional shape of Mickey Mouse and other cartoon image is the sculpture.

The concept of sculpture is carved, cut, carved, grinding, plastic and other means to produce a variety of artistic image has really volume, referred to the sculpture.

Today, people cartoon sculpture has entered our lives. Such as three-dimensional shape of each Fuwa.

Also known cartoon statue cartoon portrait, clay dolls, clay dolls. Imported clay by a professional sculptor according to my photos pure hand kneading. Characterized by personality, fashion, long can be stored outside, and do not change color. Birthday gifts, wedding gifts, commemorative gifts, personalized gifts given as preferred. Very popular with people welcome, love!