Described simulation animals

There is a long life along with their own pet died suddenly, the former owner of the pet-miss, this time can also be used to make up the animal simulation spiritual emptiness. Moreover, it can recover dead small pets. After the death of a pet, as long as it's positive, the left side, right side and back four different orientations photos, and then let the owner of the memories of those good days and some small pets together, it is the most lovely gesture operation, etc. . According to the owner will be able to describe the design of a small guy demeanor action, then restoring it during his lifetime appearance, it vividly in front of you now and then. This is for those who own pets as family, very sad after the loss of the people is undoubtedly a boon.

Depending on the difficulty level of the prices have changed. According to the manufacturers first photograph physique pet, made of plastic molds, filling to within sponge, cotton and other soft materials, affixed outside the original pet fur, fur after professional treatment, there is no smell, not corrupt, will not change color can be preserved for many years