Dinosaur reborn hope, joy and sorrow is? - Enjoy Thai simulation dinosaur

2012 has been away from us, the year in which nature gave us all kinds of wonderful, for a variety of end of the world for 12 years, and how to destroy guess also proved unfounded. Although the end can not come, but we should also pay attention to how to protect it, so Fengyun blue planet better continue.

I believe we have seen Jurassic Park, 3D movie Jurassic World so many fans impressed. Recently, however, some research scientists, seems to presage the future may see the real dinosaur, Jurassic Park may appear in the real world is no longer a fantasy.

The current global warming affect the survival of many species, leading to the extinction of some species or endangered, and this environment is more conducive to the growth of the dinosaurs, has created favorable conditions for the revival of the dinosaurs. According to the American paleontologists discovered confirmed that occurred 201 million years ago in the late Triassic extinction event had the land and marine species in half a clean sweep, which led to the rise of the dinosaurs. The extinction event wiped out almost all of the original crocodiles, dinosaurs move to eliminate the early biggest competitor, and eventually boarded a dominant position. The current situation of the Earth and was very similar.