Simulation animal use

Simulation pet is a senior arts and crafts, with a finishing touch in a modern home decoration to reflect the cultural tastes. Stylish gifts and toys, emotions, love embodiment of all ages, all pleasure, can leave an unforgettable memory, giving the enjoyment of emotion, the spirit of fun. Simulation animal handicrafts are high-grade, cute, for a variety of consumer groups. With the gradual improvement of living standards, the pursuit of beauty, art and enjoyment has become inevitable, regression and advocating natural form of fashion. "Pet simulation" is to meet the consumer trends. Simulation animal best consumer objects first youth (especially college students). It is one of the best birthday gift of choice, it is the best expression of affection; secondly, people get rich first is also an important consumer. For them, the food and drink consumption has risen to play, as long as commodity grades, and money is not a problem; again "simulation animals' consumption in the cities better than in rural areas, people like cats and dogs, but limited to the conditions or scared cat really true dog mess, they tend not to eat well do not keep a cat or dog.