Simulation Animatronic Walking Animal Mechanical Dragon Horse Exhibition for Park Performance


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:cet-lm-01

  • Material:Fiberglass, Matal Frame, and Motors or Cylinders

  • Entertainment Projects:Animatronic Animal Performance or Exhibit Equipmen

  • Age:Suit for All Ages

  • Suitable for:Mechanical Dragon Horse Performance ,Exhibition

  • Type:Outdoor Playground

  • Productive Technology:Artificial Animatronic Animal Model

  • Customized:Customized

  • Allowable Passenger:5/10

  • Certification:CE

  • Condition:New

Product Description
The simulation animatronic mechanical walking animal dragon horse was appointed by an exhibition agency in China. The inspiration of the simulation animatronic walking animal--mechanical dragon horse exhibition comes from France mechanical dragon horse performance in Beijing. As a walking series animal, it 's really a huge guy-- "8m high, 12m long, 100000kg weight. This huge mechanical dragon horse exhibition was made up of high quality metal frame, fiberglass, and motors, with very flexible movements as below:

Legs walking, driving, mouth opening and closing, eyes blinking, tentacles shaking, head moving left and right, neck up and down very flexible, body can up to 12 meters high, with smoking effects, fire and water effects, dragon horse roaring sound, and so on.

More effects of the simulation animatronic mechanical walking animal dragon horse can be customized. Further information, just contact us. Videos and more pictures are available.

Application of the mechanical dragon horse animal exhibition:
Amusement park dragon horse performance equipment, outdoor and indoor playground dragon horse exhibition, festival dragon horse performance promotion, and holiday celebration equipment and so on.
Name Hot sale simulation animatronic mechanical walking animal dragon horse exhibition performance
Type Simulation animatronic mechanical walking animal exhibition
Brand Cetnology
No. Cet--lm-01
Main Material High quality metal frame, Servo motor or cylinder, fiberglass
Color Yellow or customized
Size 8 meters high, 12 meters long, or customized
Weight 10000kg or customized
Sound Dragon horse roaring sound or customized
Power 110/220vac 50/60hz
Production Period 25 days
Warranty period  24 months
Movements 1.Driving and walking,Legs moving
2.Head shaking
3.Neck up and down, from left to right
4.Mouth open and close
5.Eyes blinking
6.Dragon horse sound
7.Water effect, Smoke effect, fire effect,
8.Any other movements or effects can be customized to your requirement.
Product description The walking mechanical dragon horse was appointed by an exhibition agency in China. 
The inspiration comes from France dragon horse performance at Beijing birdnest. 
As a walking series animal,  it 's really a huge guy-- "8m high, 12m long, 10000kg weight. 
This huge mechanical dragon horse animal exhibition was made up of metal frame 
and fiberglass, and motors or cylinders, with very flexible movements.
Product Application Amusement park simulation mechanical animal dragon horse performance equipment, 
outdoor and indoor playground simulation fiberglass animatronic dragon horse exhibition, 
festival animaltronic animal dragon horse performance promotion, and holiday celebration 
equipment and so on. 
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