A Detailed Introduction To Animatronic Simulation Panda

      Virtual reality animation is the use of virtual reality technology in the form of animation (this is based on virtual reality and animation technology). We can fully understand the concept of virtual reality animation after we understand what is virtual reality and the meaning of animation. Fictitious Reality (Virtual Reality, abbreviated as VR, also translated virtual, illusion true) is the high technology which appears in recent years, also called virtual technique or artificial environment. Virtual reality is the use of computer simulation to produce a three-dimensional virtual world, providing users with visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory simulation, so that users as been general, can be timely, unrestricted observation of three-degree space things.Animatronic Simulation Panda
     The "Reality" in the virtual reality refers to anything or environment that exists in the world in the physical sense or function meaning, it can be realized realistically, or it can be difficult to realize or impossible to realize in fact. "Virtual" refers to the use of computer-generated meaning. Therefore, virtual reality refers to a special environment generated by computer, people can "project" themselves into this environment by using various special devices, and manipulate and control the environment to achieve special purpose, that is, man is the master of this environment.Animatronic Simulation Panda
     Virtual reality technology can enable government planning departments, project developers, engineers and the public from any point of view, real-time interaction to see the planning effect, better grasp the shape of the city and understand the design intention of planners. Effective cooperation is the prerequisite to ensure the ultimate success of urban planning, virtual reality technology for this cooperation provides an ideal bridge, which is the traditional means such as floor plan, effect map, sand table and even animation can not be achieved.Animatronic Simulation Panda
    The panda's ancestor is the panda (Ailuaractos lufengensis), the panda's standard Chinese name is actually called "the Panda", means "bears like the Cat". This is one of the first carnivorous pandas to evolve from a bear class. The main branch of the panda began to evolve in the central and southern parts of China, one of which appeared at the beginning of the Pleistocene about 3 million years ago, smaller than a panda, it has evolved from a tooth to an omnivorous, bamboo-eating animal, oviparous bear, and thereafter the main branch to the subtropical zone, widely distributed in north, northwest, east, southwest, south and North Vietnam and northern Burma.Animatronic Simulation Panda