A Detailed Introduction To Electric Simulation Crocodile

    Crocodile (Crocodile) a cold-blooded oviparous animal. Crocodiles are extremely precious animals. Crocodiles are not fish, reptiles, crocodiles, or because they play like fish in the water, hence the name "crocodile."Electric Simulation Crocodile
    Simulations often use virtual concrete scenarios, and often use mathematical modelling of abstract methods. The simulation was initially used only in physics, engineering, medicine, space technology and so on. After the 1950s, gradually extended to business management, economic research. In the real economy life directly carries on the experiment, either is impossible, or is not worth the cost, but establishes the model according to the actual question, and uses the model to carry on the experiment, compared the different consequence, chooses the feasible plan, is the effective substitution method. At the same time, due to the increasing and complication of economic mathematical model, and the more consideration of non economic influence, it is impossible to achieve the exact analytic solution by mathematical operation, but it is necessary to use computer simulation to reach the digital solution by numerical calculation. In the synthesis of these two aspects, the simulation can provide a new method for solving the model even if the indirect test is possible.Electric Simulation Crocodile
    Crocodiles are one of the earliest and most primitive animals ever found alive. The Mesozoic (about 200 million years ago) in the Triassic to the Cretaceous period, a ferocious reptile of the spine, is the animal of the same age as the dinosaur, a carnivorous animal. There are 23 species of crocodiles. The species of domesticated crocodiles in China are: Alligator, Siamese crocodile, Bay crocodile and Nile crocodile; there are three species of crocodiles in the country that are allowed to operate: Siamese crocodiles, bay crocodiles, and Nile crocodiles. Among them, the Siamese crocodile (also known as the Thai crocodile) is widely domesticated in northern China. The unit for issuing crocodile domestication and reproduction certificate is: State Forestry Bureau. Crocodiles are wildlife of ecological value, scientific value and high economic value. Therefore, some countries in the world actively develop crocodile farming.Electric Simulation Crocodile
    The establishment of a relationship between extinct species and modern flora and fauna helps to study the past geographical structure. Fossils found in the northern hemisphere were relatively abundant, and before the discovery of Madagascar, there were very few fossils of Gondwana in the southern hemisphere. Early theories of species discovery across the southern hemisphere say that there is a huge "bridge" connecting the continents today. However, scientists believe that 165 million years ago, the African continent was first separated from the Gondwana, and the Indian subcontinent, Madagascar, South America, Antarctica together longer, so that plants and animals can be dispersed everywhere. In the Han Dynasty, there were crocodiles in southern China, and the Tang and Song dynasties were recorded. "Book of Rites" in the name of a crocodile, later in the Tang Dynasty because of the crocodile's suffering as "sacrificial crocodile text" such as thief, sternly, frighten off crocodile disease. The Ming Dynasty Lishizhen in "Compendium of Materia Medica" is the crocodile into the drug, "scale department-crocodile-release name: Dragon." And the drug is defined as: "' Attending: the" ' ' Moisture evil ' "undoubtedly shows the role of crocodiles in human life, in modern times, crocodile leather production of luxury and display its value.Electric Simulation Crocodile