Analysis Of Simulation Dinosaur

Simulation is a virtual thing or process. Impersonation is the key feature of the selected physical system or abstract system. Key issues of simulation include the acquisition of effective information, the selection of key features and manifestations, approximate simplification and application of assumptions, and the reproducibility and effectiveness of simulations. It can be considered that simulation is a special simulation to reproduce the external performance of the system.Simulation Dinosaur

In the real economy life directly carries on the experiment, either is impossible, or is not worth the cost, but establishes the model according to the actual question, and uses the model to carry on the experiment, compared the different consequence, chooses the feasible plan, is the effective substitution method. At the same time, due to the increasing and complication of economic mathematical model, and the more consideration of non economic influence, it is impossible to achieve the exact analytic solution by mathematical operation, but it is necessary to use computer simulation to reach the digital solution by numerical calculation. In the synthesis of these two aspects, the simulation can provide a new method for solving the model even if the indirect test is possible.Simulation Dinosaur

The steps to simulate include identifying problems, collecting data, developing models, building computational procedures for models, validating and validating models, designing model tests, simulating operations, and analyzing simulation results. The model described here must be a simulation model, and generally, the stochastic model is more simulated than the deterministic model, the dynamic model, and the Non-linear model than the linear model to analyze and solve. The simulation model is more flexible and does not seek the optimal solution, which can be used to answer the question of what consequences would be if a certain action was taken in a certain period of time. Besides the simulation model, the necessary knowledge such as computer program, simulation language, experiment design technique and so on are needed in the simulation.Simulation Dinosaur