Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs Bring A Different Visual Experience

Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs Jurassic World "from 2001 to shoot, to the summer of this year officially released, during the period of nearly 14 years time. Fortunately, we have survived for 13 years, and "Jurassic" series, it is worth waiting for this. From 1993, Spielberg started the first "Jurassic Park", it is expected that this idea will go beyond the scope of the film, as a cultural phenomenon. Before the release of the film, Universal Studios carried out a full range of market strategy, spent 65 million US dollars, Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs with more than 100 companies, launched nearly 1,000 film peripheral products, including Sega's three "Jurassic Park theme" Video games, Hasbro's 26 dinosaur toys, and McDonald's "Dinosaur Deluxe Lunch". The entire series of rally, refresh the industry standard, until Spielberg producer Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs "Transformers" series, still follow a similar routine.

The result is that the series of the first trilogy created a Jurassic world. The same name novel began to sell, series comic also followed, before and after the release of each movie, the game is still sold. Global real estate and even specifically opened up a tourism project, called "Jurassic Park theme tour", in the film shooting studio on the ground, cost 110 million US dollars, spent six years to complete the construction. Subsequently, the theme park spread to Florida, Japan, Singapore and other parts of the world. However,Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs  the prosperity is also pregnant with the crisis. From the box office, the first "Jurassic Park" to break the then North American box office record, crazy roll 350 million US dollars, the global box office is up to 900 million US dollars, this record until nine years after the "Titanic" The second "lost world" has also made 600 million US dollars at the global box office; compared to the third "Jurassic Park 3" although also made 300 million US dollars of good results, but The downward trend means that investors want to reconsider the trend of this series, which may be the main reason for the whole production into a pause. Word of mouth, the film critic never stingy on the first part of the beauty of the words, Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs "The New York Times" called it "real milestone film, the screen unprecedented fear and fear." The latter two are mixed, most of the criticism are pointing to the narrative without innovation - creative gradually weak, but also one of the reasons for the series was stopped.

Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs This is the fourth series of "Jurassic world" facing the dilemma, the foundation of the entire dinosaur world is shaking, if it can not reproduce the first glory, perhaps the beginning of the collapse. In this 14 years, the light script to completely overturn the rewrite four times, during which suffered the 2004 mailbox was black play this leak event, 2007 screenwriter strike, Hollywood shut down event; director replaced the three stubble from the "Jurassic Park 3 "Director Joe Johnston was rejected, Spielberg wanted to personally launched, to finalize only one representative of the Colin Trevorro. Actor role is also a big shake-up, basically by the new people featuring. All this means that this is a crucial turning point, Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs "Jurassic World" is no longer just a series of sequel, but a new trilogy of the chapter, like "Star Wars Episode: ghost threat" In the "Star Wars" series, like "Hobbit: accident trip" to the "Lord of the Rings" series.