Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs Child Infinite Fantasy

Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs Install the battery, open the switch, realistic simulation dinosaur walking posture, but also the dinosaur call, walking that little tail flashing side of the side called forward, eyes and tongue light; mouth will be a together. No one else walked around, is very much by the baby like, is the bold baby favorite toys. Is to give children the best exercise man's gift, but also to send friends on the grade of gifts. A prehistoric monster, will cause your child infinite fantasy ... ... let 65 million years ago on earth's overlord, back to your child's control ... ...

After a burst of rustling, a huge, athletic Tyrannosaurus debut,Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs issued a frightening roar - this is simply the dinosaur big movie standard. But Tyrannosaurus Rex can really be so roar?

Tyrannosaurus rex in the end what is it? Scientists through the study of fossil bones and chest structure after the conclusion: it is most likely like a crocodile,Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs snake or emu hissing or rumble as loud as possible, there may be a strong stuffy gourd. But in any case, it is unlikely to growl.

There is a monster with a magnanimous run over, quietly told you "I want to eat you" feeling? Coupled with a small set of short hands, strange sense of sprout ...

Dinosaur film, there is no protagonist aura, as long as the small hands into the eyes, basically will be linked, but also fancy hanging law, this is not to say.

but! Computer simulation data show that Tyrannosaurus rex maximum speed of about 29 km / h, obviously this speed can not catch up with the car, and even electric cars ...

Extreme chestnuts, Jamaican athletes Bolt's maximum running speed of 44 km / h, finished tyrants Wang Long, and even take the time to go back to make a face. Although Tyrannosaurus rex can still catch up with a small number of people, Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs but want to escape Tyrannosaurus rex, just need you to run a little faster.

No matter how to take medicine, no matter how transplant DNA, no matter how variation, Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus rex is not the largest carnivorous dinosaurs

In fact, Tyrannosaurus rex on the land with the largest carnivorous dinosaurs (and Dajia Wang) had a, which is reflected in the biography.

The film's Raptor, attack more than ten times the size of their own Tyrannosaurus long eyes do not blink, take the way to take the meaning of jumping up scratching, but unfortunately looks lethal in general.

In fact, Raptors want to get rid of Tyrannosaurus Rex will be effortless, because ... it is too small ...

Paleontologists believe that the real Raptor is much smaller than the film, only 30 cm high. However, the film side explained that the Raptor bigger,Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs on the one hand is for the film effect, on the other hand is also limited to the year's special effects technology, "was to let the film show the effect of more realistic, produced with the proportion of props ,Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs In the shooting when people can wear props to simulate dinosaur walking, the special shooting.

Cang Long - the largest top predator in the Mesozoic Ocean. The film's performance is summed up is the word "bite, bite, bite".

The well-deserved Neptune appeared in the middle and later of the Cretaceous and rapidly multiply, and then extinct with the dinosaurs, but all the way to the Albatron,Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs much earlier than its history, much of the marine reptile killings ah comrades! tragedy! Sad!

And then a little bit, it evolved from the land of the cliffs, in a relatively short (600 million years) of time, they are from 90 cm small lizards, grow into 21 meters of the huge Cang Long.