Animation Simulation Of The Animatronic Imitation Zebra

Flash animation in the way the total is divided into two kinds, one is similar to fireworks in the production of the frame animation, there is a motion tween. Use frame animations to make some real, professional animation effects. Using motion tweens makes it easy to create a smooth transition animation effect. Which way is our final choice?Animatronic Imitation Zebra

The core of NC simulation system is virtual NC machine tool, and virtual NC machine tool is a virtual manufacturing technology in the implementation unit, it not only in the NC machining process for product design provides a manufacturability analysis, but also in the NC system learning and training, for all types of schools and enterprise technical personnel to provide a sound study and training. This kind of system completely simulates the cutting process of the parts, and can verify the correctness of the NC instruction, and provides a set of functions of debugging, editing, modifying and tracking execution.Animatronic Imitation Zebra

The virtual NC machine tool should have identical structure with the real machine tool. The virtual NC machine tool can imitate any function of the real machine tool and do not cause the distortion or loss of some kind of structure and information by adopting some kind of approximate substitution, and should have the identical interface style with the real machine tool, provide the guarantee for the technician's study and training. The powerful network function of the virtual NC machine tool provides the possibility for distance education.Animatronic Imitation Zebra

NC machining technology is being widely used. Numerical control talents become the most needed talents in the labor market, and how to train the NC skilled talents who meet the needs of the market, master the programming knowledge and operation Technology of NC machine tools as soon as possible becomes the problem that the NC teaching workers must study. As a professional teacher of NC programming and operation, how to combine the numerical control programming teaching with the operation Practice of NC machine tool is worth our serious discussion and research.Animatronic Imitation Zebra