Animation Simulation Zebra Little Knowledge

    Production of large-scale simulation fur animals, video simulation animal props, imitation specimen model, simulation animal skins, imitation animal head pendant and tourist attractions landmark design, according to customer requirements custom leather animal model and large and small simulation of animal retail and wholesale.

    Simulation of animals: simulation tiger, simulation leopard, simulation leopard, simulation wolf, simulation sika deer, simulation giraffe, simulation zebra, simulation black bear, simulation polar bear, simulation panda, simulation camel, simulation horse, simulation ape and so on.Animatronic Imitation Zebra

    Simulation Zebra to the Western region of the zebra zombie simulation production, the use of natural animal fur, made of nitro fur, fur bright, good texture, its unique production process, fine workmanship, pure hand refined from. Simulation zebra shape vivid, both shape and spirit, lifelike.Animatronic Imitation Zebra

   Currently on the market sales of zebra products are mainly the following categories: villi toys, cast copper handicrafts, resin hardware handicrafts, flat pattern products, the common shortcomings of these products is not accurate shape, the image is not realistic, feel stiff, surface materials The utility model provides a simulation of zebra products, can be produced by 1: 1 can also be scaled down, characterized by it from the soft feel of the zebra body, the fur, the fur is not high, the product quality is not high; The use of cooked processing without dyeing without odor and harmless, and installed in the orbital glass art eye composition, tube can be used high resilience foam material made by the mold, animal hair can choose dog hair, wool, the advantage is vivid, soft body , Fur has a sense of reality, in the demeanor, a variety of posture design closer to the real sweat zebra, so that the product on the grade. Simulation of pets is a high-level handicrafts, in the modern home decoration with the finishing touch of the effect, can reflect the cultural taste. Is a stylish gift toys, teaser, love expression, young and old, happy unlimited, can give people left unforgettable memories, gives the emotional enjoyment, the spirit of fun. Simulation of animals are high-end handicrafts, cute, suitable for a variety of consumer groups.Animatronic Imitation Zebra

   With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of good, artistic and enjoyment has become inevitable, return and advocate naturally will form a fashion. "Simulation of the pet" is to cater to this consumer trends. The best consumer of simulated animals is first of all youth (especially college students). It is one of the best choice for a birthday gift, it is best to express feelings; secondly, the first wealthy people is also an important consumer object. For them, consumption from eating and drinking has risen to play, as long as the goods have grades, money is not a problem; again "simulation animals" in the city's consumption is better than rural, people like cats and dogs, but limited to conditions or fear of real cat really Dogs are dirty, they tend not to eat the food of the cat or do not keep the dog.