Animatronic Imitation Zebra Take You To Understand The Principle Of Animation Production

     Original animation principle, you may have seen the slide bar, is this principle, that is, each picture in 24 frames per second to release the speed, you can see continuous animation, that is, flash in the frame-by-step animation.Animatronic Imitation Zebra

     The same is true of the film, in the 1820s, British scientists discovered the "visual retention" phenomenon of human eyes (the image of the object after the movement of the human retina can still have about 1 seconds to stay), revealing the continuous decomposition of the action in the rapid flash when the activity of the image of the principle.Animatronic Imitation Zebra

Speaking of Flash, we must all be familiar with the introduction of vector graphics based streaming media animation software, now flash application direction has been more and more extensive, from the network, media to mobile phone MMS, it has gradually entered our life.Animatronic Imitation Zebra

     Learning Flash, not only to meet your desire to produce professional-level animation, but also to the development of individuals to play a great role. In the Three Musketeers, Flash can be said to be a very personality, very independent but with the network tightly integrated streaming media animation production software. Simple operation can produce dynamic animation, supporting multiple formats of multimedia file placement, powerful interactive functions, we have to learn flash reasons.Animatronic Imitation Zebra

     Flash animation because of its high compression, so the file is very small, which is now widely used. It can also be programmed to control the playback of animation, making the animation file smaller, cutting more easily control animation.

That's the flash move.Animatronic Imitation Zebra