Animatronic Simulation Panda Of The Difference Between Panda And Traditional Way

The traditional animation modelling language generally takes the painting, the puppet, the paper-cut, the clay sculpture and so on the artistic way realizes, therefore the animated cartoon also is called the Fine Art film, in the production needs to draw the picture by frame and carries on the shooting, the work load is very huge.Animatronic Simulation Panda

The so-called motion control technology, namely according to the object collision, the fluid movement and so on establishes the corresponding physical model, then based on these model motion control, by the computer calculates to complete the three-dimensional animation movement performance.Animatronic Simulation Panda 

The so-called rendering technology, mainly including lighting and materials, the use of computer simulation of natural light to illuminate objects to reflect the stereo effect of animation objects, by adding details to the surface of the animation object to increase real and natural, the three-dimensional animation of the expression language is more novel and diverse, Provides a completely new world of imagination and artistic talent, its aesthetic can carry more content than traditional animation art.Animatronic Simulation Panda

With the animation industry's hot, we are increasingly interested in the surrounding products animation, in fact, in Japan and Europe and the United States, animation of the surrounding products have long been popular, many people as a collection of works of art, nearly two years of animation around the product also developed in the country.Animatronic Simulation Panda 

Main categories: mainly include animation and twist eggs, anime dolls, Japanese anime hand, animal plush toys, in Hong Kong is called Doll. Because it is a random acquisition of luck, and a product not only a large number, often also includes hidden version, special hidden version, color version and other rare versions, but also increased the difficulty of collection and fun. Twisted Egg category is the most abundant in the surrounding products, the lowest price of a category, and particularly close to the animation, game works, so relatively easy to start at home.Animatronic Simulation Panda