Animatronic Simulation Panda Software Application

Panda acquisition software technology inherited Panda precision search engine, with a large number of original key technology, technical and theoretical independence. The content described here is representative, but it does not mean that these technologies are very mature, or in the current version of the software has been applied very well. It can be understood that these techniques are one of the theoretical basis of Panda acquisition software.Animatronic Simulation Panda

Search engine analysis kernel, Panda acquisition software technology inherited from the Panda precision search engine, the use of the search kernel, the realization of the page content analysis, decomposition, content extraction, similar to the page and so on. Panda collection software on the collection of web pages to achieve the browser analysis, based on this analysis to do other depth analysis and processing. Later versions of the Panda, in the improvement of this technology, the software features and effectiveness should be significantly improved.Animatronic Simulation Panda

Panda collection software will simulate the human visual to analyze the page, on the basis of the use of reference (template) page to achieve the matching work. Panda software, a lot of intelligent analysis of auxiliary work, that is based on the technology based on the application. As the acquisition software requires a higher analysis, analysis speed, so the application of this technology is not sufficient. For the user specified for the machine learning template page, in the actual matching process will inevitably encounter varying degrees of difference and change, the software has a strong fault tolerance. Related technology similar to the search engine within the duplicate page, similar to the page recognition technology.Animatronic Simulation Panda

Since the software needs to parse all the pages accessed by the browser, and on this basis for a large number of analysis and calculation, it takes a lot of computing time. In order to improve the efficiency of software operation, the system in the design, development links are fully meticulous optimization, making the software operating efficiency is still very efficient. With multi-threaded, multi-project running at the same time function, you can ensure that your downlink bandwidth is fully utilized.Animatronic Simulation Panda

The use of Panda acquisition software, Internet resources can be achieved batch, formatted download to the local. Optional collection tool software is too much, but all belong to the DOS era, cumbersome operation, the role of simple, need professional and technical personnel can barely operate. The panda is different, the whole process of visual mouse operation, simple operation, and full-featured, especially the panda can achieve very complex acquisition needs, people who do not understand the technology can also be easy to operate. Panda collection is a collection of software products.Animatronic Simulation Panda