Application Of Simulation Animal In Modern Science And Technology

     People are looking for design inspiration from nature for a long history, which is called Bionics or bionics in science, but until recently scientists have not yet had the technology to actually reproduce the natural form. However, 3D printing technology has been increasingly proven to have this potential. "The change of the epidermis is one of the main elements of evolution," explains, "that almost every organism has something on its skin to provide important survival characteristics, such as defense against predators, camouflage, heat conditioning and sensory function." In many animals, this evolution leads to the formation of scales. ”Simulation Animal

     That's why his team, led by an associate professor, has been studying the scales of animals and getting inspired to develop a new generation of armored systems. Specifically, they studied the mechanical behavior of scales caused by snakes, fish and butterflies (tiny scales on the wings of butterflies). And eventually formed an interesting paper, published in the recently published December "smartfactory™ Physics Letters" magazine.Simulation Animal

     You may not notice that the scales of fish and snakes actually provide them with very balanced maneuverability and protection, which is the result of natural selection for eons of years. The tiny scales on the wings of butterflies have very useful optical properties that can help the butterfly hide through camouflage or imitation. These characteristics, if can be mastered by humans, can play a very useful role. "Simulation Animal

     The Next Generation Armor system will be lightweight and feature many functions without sacrificing protection." "In this regard, nature provides very important information for the development of armor," the introduction said. ”

     Over the next few months, the team hopes to combine the print and nano-fabrication to further integrate the natural properties of various biological scales and create a truly modern armor.Simulation Animal