Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur Dinosaur Real Information

Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur Wrist dragon is a large dinosaur of the Jurassic era, is one of the world's largest dinosaurs, it is now living in the United States Colorado Valley and Africa Tanzania's steppe, eat the leaves on the trees. Wrist dragon English name (brachiosaurus) means "long arm lizard". It is the highest of the dinosaurs known to have a complete skeleton. Wrist dragon body length 23-30 meters, up to 12 meters, weight 40-80 tons. Wrist dragon's nose is long on the head, you can guess the wrist dragon can be a long time in the potential water, which can reduce the pressure on the weight, but also to avoid carnivorous dinosaur attacks.

Wrist dragon imagination

According to paleontologists study speculation, small wrist dragon will be groups of activities, and the full growth of the wrist dragon because of its huge size, the less afraid of the largest hunting animals, such as the special dragon and the dragon.

Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur When the Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park) 20 years ago swept the global theater, the film in a lot of realistic dinosaurs so that the audience hooked! At the same time, we also know a lot of prehistoric beasts, learned that most dinosaurs are feathers.

Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur And this hot "Jurassic World" a release, the film dinosaur shape attracted a lot from the research community shelling, and even take it with the first "Jurassic Park" for comparison. British zoologist Darren Naish told the Sunday Times that the Jurassic Park tells people that dinosaurs are not only a roaring and scary beast, they also have flexible limbs. And "Jurassic World" is the dinosaur shooting and realistic results far worse.

After spending nearly $ 200 million in the first week of the North American market, there was a suspicion of how much global cost would be spent on scientific advisors. Big guys may be curious about how big the dinosaurs are in the movie and the reality? Then come together to accept the scientific baptism!

Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur Raptors (Velociraptors) in reality smaller, and long feathers. The Raptor, which is about the same size as the human body, is at least 3 to 4 times magnified in the Jurassic World! At present, has been excavated Raptor fossils are from Mongolia, not as "Jurassic Park" played by the North American continent. And there is evidence that Raptor is long with feathers.

Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur If you have to find a dinosaur like that depicted in the movie, you might want to know Utahraptor. Such as its dragon, these dinosaurs are found in Utah. Paleontologist Robert T. Bakker, who is the real version of Dr.Alan Grant played by Sam Neill in the Jurassic series of films, wrote a novel when he was disappointed with the images of the Jurassic Park, Raptor Red ", tells the story of Chiron's largest dinosaur - Utah Pirates of the Dragon's life in a year.

Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex's speed is not as fast as the film is portrayed, and their eyesight is not bad!

Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur In the "Jurassic Park", the protagonist of the use of Tyrannosaurus Wang vision defects - it is difficult to see the moving objects, and lucky to escape the blood of the Tyrannosaurus rex. But based on the current discovery of Tyrannosaurus rex, we can speculate: Tyrannosaurus rex may be prehistoric world has a great vision of the species. Dr. Kent Stevens, a paleontologist at the University of Oregon, points out that Tyrannosaurus' s narrow nose and its big eyeballs make it easier and clearer than humans.

There is also a scene in the Jurassic Park. Tyrannosaurus Wang chasing a jeep, and even almost over the Jeep. But according to the latest research, Tyrannosaurus rex may be the fastest speed of 25 miles per hour. This means that you driving Jeep, you can easily get rid of Tyrannosaurus rex!

Finally, Tyrannosaurus fossils show that they may have long feathers! Although the academic discussion of the hot spots is: juvenile Tyrannosaurus feathers may be longer than adult Tyrannosaurus rex. But this huge carnivorous dinosaur is likely to have long feathers can not be ignored

Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur Brachiosaurus can not stand alone on the hind legs. In the "Jurassic Park", Dr.Grant miraculously standing in front of the wrist dragon, watching it lift the forelegs to eat the green leaves of the tree. However, paleontologists believe that most of the sauropods can indeed use the hind legs to stand to eat. But the wrist is not one of them

In a computer simulation study using wrist fossils in 2011, the paleontologist Heinrich Mallison concluded that the wrist's body size determines that they rely on the hind legs to take on a huge risk, and that the same suborder, Leung Long (Diplodocus ), It is much safer to lift the forelimb to stand

Reliable hind legs stand the beam shape

Dilophosaurus did not prove to be toxic, and they did not have their folds