Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur Feature

   First, wrist shape characteristics:

Dinosaur body length: 25 meters long, 15 meters high

Dinosaur weight: 30 tons

Dinosaur food: herbivores, it leaves the leaves of the tree

The age of survival: 150 million -1 million 56 million years ago, the late Jurassic

Location: United States Colorado River Valley and Africa's Tanzania

Identify the need to: tail short and thick, the head can lift very high [2]

  Wrist dragon is a sauropod head, is a four-foot herbivorous dinosaurs. Different from the sauropod purpose other subjects, its body structure like giraffe, has a long forelimb, neck exalted. Wrist dragon has a long neck, small head and a short tail. Walking four feet to the ground. Wrist dragon's forefoot is longer than the hind legs. Each foot has five toes. One of the toes in each forefoot and the three toes in each heel have claws. Wrist dragon teeth straight and sharp. Wrist dragon nose on top of the head. Wrist dragon has a very small head, so not very clever. They live in groups and go out together. Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation DinosaurWrist dragon dinosaurs do not do the nest, but while walking side of the students, so these dinosaur eggs on the formation of a long line. Wrist does not take care of his children. When they eat, the wrist does not chew the whole piece of food to swallow.Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur

  Wrist dragon is a sauropod purpose four feet of herbivorous dinosaurs, with long neck and tail, the brain is quite small. Unlike other branches of the sauropod, its body structure is like a giraffe, with long neck and forelimbs. Wrist dragon teeth are bamboo-like, it is suitable for its grass-eating characteristics. Its skull has a lot of holes that may help reduce weight. Wrist dragon's nose is on top of his head. The first toe of the front foot and the first three toes of the rear foot are clawed. Recent studies have shown that wrist dragon can not raise the neck vertically. Wrist dragon has 13 knees, the back of the vertebral 11 or 12, and 5 recommended vertebral.Brachiosaurus Jurassic Simulation Dinosaur feature