Creative Complexes Of Theme Park

Theme park Creative Tourism complex is a man-made tourist attraction, according to one or more specific themes, the use of modern science and technology and multi-level space activities to set up a variety of entertainment content, leisure elements and service reception facilities in one of the modern tourist venues.Theme Park

The tourist market of theme parks is closely related to the number of permanent residents and floating population in the surrounding area. According to a study by the Urban Land Research Institute in Washington, D.C., the 1-hour drive area around the theme park is a first-class source market, with a population of at least 2 million people, 2-3-hour drive-by-two, and a population of more than 2 million people;Theme Park 

The potential consumers within the radius of these effective sources are the most qualified and most likely to revisit the consumption of the group. Effective source market radius generally refers to the theme park around 200-300 kilometers within the range, outside of the three-level source although also helpful, but not too dependent. From the perspective of tourism, theme park is a tourist product that provides tourism experience. In business, the theme park is a new tourism project with large investment and high risk. Therefore, the successful theme park is the need for joint development of business and tourism, mutual benefit.Theme Park

With the increasing national and regional characteristics of theme parks, the theme of the new park is more and more closely connected with the country or the region, and the government hopes to shape its own local tourism and cultural landmarks, which will gradually become a symbol of local honor, culture and technological achievement.Theme Park 

Brand as a link between enterprises, to expand the size of enterprises, improve service quality, integration of market resources, strengthen marketing has a very important role. Share the same brand of enterprises can not only exchange talent, information, and can share the market. At the same time, brand owners can also achieve high returns through brand management.Theme Park