Definition And Planning Of Theme Park

With regard to the definition of tourism planning, it may be adopted as follows: tourism planning is based on the objective analysis of tourism destination resources, location and other prerequisites, which is a kind of industrial strategy, product positioning and implementation plan which has cultural value, commercial value and marketing value, which is built around the demand of tourist market and industry development.Theme Park

Brigade: A person who leaves a regular residence up to 30 km away and returns to a regular residence on the same day. Space, time consumption state, called Brigade. such as visiting relatives and friends, visiting the school trip, business trip and so on, but actually for the "out of line" concept abbreviation. Tour: A person or group in a certain landscape characteristics, the size of the scenery, sightseeing routes and sightseeing in the space of tourism, leisure, experience and other processes, called the tour. such as the Thatched leisure tour, the porcelain industry Holy Land Study tour, the Confucius Hometown sightseeing tour and so on, actually is "the sightseeing, the leisure" the righteousness.Theme Park

Strategy: Strategies, tactics, and the operation of the people. Such as War policy, Sun Tzu's Art of Art, to win. The application of "strategy" in the tourism industry should consider the macro-scale problem of 5,000 years and 90,000 in the aspect of macroscopic positioning, consider the product competitiveness and market strain strategy in the aspect of view, and consider the refinement of product intension and value problem in microcosmic aspect. Therefore, a good "strategy" must be a broad, abas, the words and the basis, according to the available, can be transmitted to the world and its implementation effect can be recognized by the boutique.Theme Park

Row: The rowing, market share, implementation steps and methods. such as marketing, planning, organization, practice and so on. The application of "zoned" in the tourism industry is mainly based on the steps, methods and plans formulated in conjunction with the implementation of the strategy, such as the ways in which the advantages can be played to the best of the state and when it is adopted to achieve what purpose.Theme Park