Dinosaur Spurt Water Life Life Is Drastically Reduced

Dinosaur Spurt Water Dinosaur "English name dinosaur from the Greek, meaning is a huge terrible lizards or reptiles. The name is the British 1841 taken, so far less than two hundred years, while the last book in the Bible written in the first century BC, Nearly two thousand years ago, so the Bible tells the dinosaurs, will not use the "dinosaur" the name, but we can draw from the text speculation.


Dinosaur Spurt Water In the book of the Bible, three hundred and five hundred years ago, the book of God spoke to Joel about an animal: "You and watch the hippopotamus; I made you and made him." He grazed like a cow ... His bones are like a brass; his limbs are like an iron bar, and he is led by the things which God has made; and the willows beside the river surround him. And the battle of the river of Jordan rose to his mouth, and it was Enron ... "(Ps 40: 15-24)

Dinosaur Spurt Water Chinese and covenant Biblical translation of a hundred years ago, not sure what this animal is translated into hippopotamus. English translation into "Behemoth", meaning "monster". Read carefully, like a hippo right? Even now, animals are bigger than hippos! How could the hippo "be led by God's creation?" The animal is not only huge, its tail like cedar. Cedar is the ancient and its tall and straight trees, the most prosperous and prosperous king of Solomon in Israel, the construction of the temple and the palace is to use cedar (cf. 19:23; 2: 3-10; 2:13; 37:24). Hippopotamus tail like pig tail, thin and short, shake up, how do not look like cedar trees. Think of all the animals in the world, including animal fossils, the only tail is long and straight and powerful, shake up like a cedar is thunder dragon! Some Lei Long up to 22 meters, not only the tail long, neck neck is also very slender. "River flooding, he did not fight," his head out of the water on the line!

Dinosaur Spurt Water Tyrannosaurus? 41: 1-34 (God said to Job, "Can you catch a crocodile with a hook? ... ... (man) see him at first, do not fool it? ... the crocodile's body and its mighty, and the good bones, I can not be silent. Who can peel his coat? Who can enter him between the upper and lower teeth? Who can open his cheek? His teeth were awesome, and he was exaggerated by his strong scales, and he was tightly closed and sealed tightly ... He opened his eyes with sneezing; his eyes seemed like the morning light. The torch, and the flames of fire; and the smoke from his nostrils, such as the boiled pot and the reeded reed, and his breath with coal, and the flame from his mouth ... He came together and the warriors were frightened , He is in a panic, and he is in a coma, and he is like a tulip; So that the abyss are like white hair, and there is no fear of him as he has done, In the reign of pride. "

Dinosaur Spurt Water Similarly, when the Chinese Bible is translated, it is not certain what animal it is to be translated into a crocodile. English translation into "Leviathan", meaning "huge marine animals". This animal stop "up, the warriors are frightened, heart panic, they are coma." Crocodile four short legs, stand up and lie on the ground almost! So this animal is certainly not a crocodile! Now a well-trained man can take a crocodile, a crocodile, and a crocodile that does not describe the animal. This animal looks like Tyrannosaurus, Dinosaur Spurt Water Tyrannosaurus not only back strong and powerful, but also the whole body running upright. Imagine the mouth of the animal can spit fireball, nostrils can spray smoke. This is not surprising, since God can make the explosive boiling liquid explosive Bombardier beetle (bombardier beetle), can make spit fire monster.

In the rest of the Bible, "Leviathan", "The Great Marine Animals" (Psalm 1000 BC, Psalm 74: 13-14; 104: 26 BC, seven hundred years BC, 27: 1; Five hundred years BC, knot 32: 2). Two or three thousand years ago people know or witness the existence of this animal!

Why do some dinosaurs so much?

Dinosaur Spurt Water In fact, from the now found a large number of dinosaur fossils, most dinosaurs only goats so big, but also a small young dinosaurs, and hatchless dinosaur eggs. Just giant dinosaurs have news value, more interesting! People and nurturing animals to mature after the cessation of growth, for example, the modern girl is generally no longer grow after 18 years of age, but the reptile life does not stop growing. Before the flood can live nine hundred years old, almost ten times the modern people, adolescence should also be much longer than now. After the flood a hundred years of birth can also live four hundred years old,Dinosaur Spurt Water  is five times the modern people. (See also the 7/28 article, "Why do people before the big flood can live more than nine hundred years old?") Similarly, the life of the reptiles of those times should be ten or five times the life of modern reptiles. So long time can grow, huge is not surprising!

Scientists study Tyrannosaurus fossils also found that Tyrannosaurus in the period of youth development, the growth rate ferocious, one year can be seven or eight hundred kilograms (reference 4). Our family years ago to the United States capital zoo, see Indonesia's Komodo dragon Komodo dragon, can grow to more than 150 pounds. If you let its life increased by ten times, puberty also lengthened, plus eating a large flood before the nutrition more balanced and rich food, may also grow into a monster!