Dinosaur Spurt Water Take You To Understand The Types Of Dinosaurs

Many dinosaurs were feathered, but some of them were not visible. Chinese birds are the first non-bird dinosaurs to be found with feathers in their fossils, and are also the first non-bird dinosaurs to be identified as feather colours. It lives in China in the Early Cretaceous and has a similar relationship with the dragon (the smallest dinosaur).Dinosaur Spurt Water

The well-preserved fossil in the photo shows the very simple plumage of the Chinese dragon, which is covered with fur and ―― although it is argued that it is just fine filamentous collagen residue. These filaments consist of a simple two-dimensional structure, slightly similar to the second base feathers of the current bird. The difference between the Chinese dragon and other small dinosaurs is that its skull has a long thigh bone and has a very short, coarse front wing, with a length of 30% of the upper limb.Dinosaur Spurt Water

It is like a paddle with strong limbs to show that it is a swimming ace. Its impact speed is very fast, is a very strong latent predator, it will use the nostrils to observe the environment in the water to determine the source of the special odor ―― This is probably its delicious meal. It's about 34 feet long. The back-armour dragon is often considered the ancestor of an armored dinosaur. It is characterized by a body with a carapace and a large vertebral tail. But the Dragon is one of the largest species. Compared with the present land animals, the back armor Dragon appears particularly huge. Some science and estimates that it is about 30 feet long, although very short but large size. The back Armor Dragon has four legs, the hind limb is slightly longer than the forelegs.Dinosaur Spurt Water

These bony plates are arranged horizontally in the neck, back and buttocks of the animal, with many small tumors that protect the space of the giant bone plate. The vertebrae of the dorsal armor dragon are also made up of a large number of intradermal bones attached to a piece. This is conducive to the tail when the power of the transmission. It looks like a potent weapon to protect against attackers.Dinosaur Spurt Water