The characteristics of the Conveyor Belt


            Production process of FRP dinosaur simulation sculpture in recent years. Glass fiber reinforced plastic dinosaur sculpture cartoon image in endlessly, deeply loved by people, such as Machine cat, Fuwa, Peach Tai, Altman, and so on animated image and some active in film and television art comedy stars, all through the sculpture art into three-dimensional cartoon image doll.Simulation Dinosaur

            Cartoon sculpture is the use of exaggeration, deformation and other methods, the characters, animals and other objects to shape the behavior, such as the image of Mickey Mouse and other stereo modeling is cartoon sculpture. FRP cartoon sculpture is made of modern composite glass fiber reinforced plastic, because of its diverse shape, appearance of bright and beautiful, texture such as porcelain, hardness close to steel, plasticity, and gradually become the main material of sculpture. FRP cartoon sculpture mainly used in a variety of large shopping malls, department stores, hotels, brand stores, corporate buildings and other places.Simulation Dinosaur

            FRP Cartoon sculpture features: personality, fashion, beauty, loveliness. Can be stored for a long time without changing color. is a modern shopping mall decoration, brand image, playground and other indispensable sculpture crafts. More for outdoor decoration, we live in the apartment, community, villas, hotels, guesthouses, enterprises and so on the park Central large-scale water features or gate entrance has a distinctive, eye-catching, spectacular sculpture decoration. There are also some large public entertainment venues, such as parks, tourist attractions.Simulation Dinosaur