How To Make A Rubber Conveyor Belt Specimen

              The company is engaged in an amusement park, film and television science and technology products research and development, production and external exhibition of Science and technology integrated type C2B enterprise. Focus on research and development of electric simulation dinosaur, play sculpture, television props, film and television special effects production and other modern products. Companies adhering to the "integrity management, quality is this, innovation is the soul" business philosophy, adhere to the "Quality first, service first, customer first" principle.Rubber Conveyor Belt

             This product is a domestic and middle-grade simulation animal, all-metal skeleton, silica gel epidermis, controlled by micro-computer, the movement of the dinosaurs flexible coordination, call and movement synchronization, color and shape lifelike, durable. Can be used in playgrounds, large shopping malls for educational and entertainment activities.

             Mechanical simulation of animal production technology, integration of mechanical, electrical and dynamic (or hydraulic), remote sensing, automatic control, chemical, bionic, artistic modeling and other technical disciplines, according to the shape of animals imitated, characteristics and actual use needs, product design, manufacturing. Based on the author's actual work experience, this paper analyzes and introduces several key technologies of mechanical simulation animal production, points out the difficulties of production and the problems needing attention, and briefly outlines the future development direction.Rubber Conveyor Belt

             Make a model of animal simulation, glue the model, glue the rabbit hair or chicken feathers on the model, and color the model. Specific needs materials: Epoxy resin, FRP cloth, strong glue, chicken feathers (do birds), rabbit hair (to do mammals), pigments (preferably acrylic pigments), tools (tweezers, scissors, brushes, files, etc.). Basic sculpture and painting skills are required.Rubber Conveyor Belt