Information Technology For Simulation Animal

Analog electronic technology is a study of simulation signal processing of the subject of analog circuits. It is a semiconductor diode, semiconductor transistor and FET as the key electronic devices, including power amplification circuit, operational amplifier circuit, feedback amplification circuit, signal operation and processing circuit, signal generation circuit, power supply voltage regulator circuit and other research direction.Simulation Animal 

The main contents of analog electronics include: Commonly used semiconductor, basic amplifier circuit, multilevel amplifier circuit, integrated operational amplifier circuit, amplification circuit frequency response, amplification circuit feedback, signal operation and processing, waveform and signal conversion, power amplifier circuit, DC power supply, analog electronic circuit reading these contents.Simulation Animal

Analog electronic technology is an important part of the basic theory of computer science, and it is an important basic course in the Department of Computer Sciences and technology.Simulation Animal  It provides the essential foundation for the computer composing principle and the microcomputer and the application follow-up course, is a compulsory backbone specialized basic course of the computer profession. Through this course, students can master the basic concepts and analytical methods of analog electronic technology. The major first courses in this course are advanced mathematics, university physics, and circuit principles.Simulation Animal

Pay attention to the circuit structure analysis and design: Because the electronic circuit analysis and the design method automation, the quantitative analysis often relies on the machine realization, thus requests the designer to focus more on the circuit structure analysis and the design, the prominent qualitative analysis, constructs the electronic circuit system. Intensive training, pay attention to practice: In order to enable students to grasp the requirements of the content, homework and exercise is essential, especially for similar to the course of professional basic courses, in the number of exercises, difficulty, breadth, etc. should have higher requirements to strengthen training.Simulation Animal 

At the same time, as a highly practical professional basic course, should pay attention to practical teaching, so that students improve the understanding of experimental teaching, through the experiment and curriculum design, further deepen the theoretical course of teaching content understanding, and applied to practice, analysis and solve practical problems.Simulation Animal