Ladies Knitted Sleeveless Vest Better Understand Dinosaurs

Ladies Knitted Sleeveless Vest Is located in the city of scenic dinosaur park, the national 4A level tourist attractions. Building area is 5400 square meters, is a collection of collections, display, research dinosaurs and other ancient creatures as one of China's largest dinosaur theme museum in Jiangbei. Mainly by the "one dragon and one bone a world" and other seven districts. The main points are: the world's first dragon, Ladies Knitted Sleeveless Vest the first Chinese bones, the magic of the Cretaceous virtual film, dinosaur life world show, ancient creatures exhibition. Since its opening, has received more than 30 party and state leaders, many social celebrities and millions of Chinese and foreign tourists, as Zhucheng dinosaur culture to display an important window

Aspect One: World Dragon King - huge Zhucheng Long

Guinness world record holder, the world's largest duckling dragon fossil skeleton - "huge Zhucheng Long" (9.1 meters high, 16.6 meters long), by Chinese and foreign experts as "the world Dragon King."

Aspect 2: China's first odd bones - mysterious keel

The mysterious keel is a huge duckling dragon femur fossil, known as the "Chinese first odd bones", folk has been circulating "look at the dragon, the heart of things; touch keel, well-being of happiness" argument.

Aspect 3: Fantastic Cretaceous - Virtual Ring Movie

Ladies Knitted Sleeveless Vest The use of the world's most advanced "virtual reality demonstration system", play "charm Dragon City", "Quest Cretaceous" and other dynamic ring screen film,Ladies Knitted Sleeveless Vest the picture clear, realistic, vividly show the style of the city and Zhucheng dinosaurs.

Aspect 4: Quest Zhucheng Long - Cretaceous Dinosaur Life World Exhibition

Ladies Knitted Sleeveless Vest To "into the Cretaceous, Quest Zhucheng Long" as the theme of the Cretaceous dinosaur life world exhibition, simulated restoration of the Cretaceous period Zhucheng area Wanlong gathered, group dragon hegemony of the scene. In the blue sky and white clouds, lush vegetation,Ladies Knitted Sleeveless Vest rivers wide open environment, visitors immersive, from the huge sauropod dinosaur tail under the walk, close watch duck mouth dragon group foraging, drinking water, play, fight, look and other life Scenes ... ... lifelike, patchwork, different gestures of various precious dinosaur fossil skeleton composed of spectacular shock of the city dinosaur group square array, it is feast for the eyes. Panoramic view of the role of experience for tourists to build into the dinosaurs, close to nature, sentimental life of the perfect time. Wonderful dinosaur life world, the opportunity not to be missed, welcome you to return to the Cretaceous, experience the spectacular Zucheng dragon, shock, sacred and magical

Ladies Knitted Sleeveless Vest The distant dragon has a dragon, the hometown of the hometown in Zhucheng ", dinosaurs stream known as" the world's first stream "reputation. It is more than 500 meters long, are 30 meters deep, showing nearly 40 million fossils,Ladies Knitted Sleeveless Vest is a rare world geological wonders Visitors can not only experience the world 's largest dinosaur fossil group of magic shock, but also on - site understanding of the dinosaurs found in the new species, the natural formation of very cultural fossil fossil text, Ladies Knitted Sleeveless Vest patterns and colorful primitive strata, to understand the Cretaceous period of the ancient Geography, ancient climate and paleontology and other popular science knowledge