Maintenance Artificial Plants Artificial Plants How How Beautiful Place

1, if the trees are placed too long, you may avoid being damaged or worn, on this issue, we use raw ingredients trees are glass fiber and resin material prepared from that glass fiber reinforced plastic material, drawn up in a small amount of damage the , and then use a brush out of the lines until the dry ingredients after applying the appropriate color on the line.

2, if the branches were broken leading to high winds or other reasons, then how to do it well trimmed? First, we find the original broken branches, take machetes up with the tree hole before inserting it matches the bottom trim and then inserted into the tree hole with fiberglass material in the peripheral smear to cover up the interface, and then some small nail set to the tree trunk and the tree trunk to be fixed, so after finishing the relatively firm.

3, if the tree trunk above the twigs and leaves fall down us how to do it? For small branches fall we can re-take the nail in the trunk of the tree above the fixed twigs, and Canada set point with a hammer on a nail to reinforce. While the falling leaves was needed to drill the borehole drilling in the branches above, and then at the bottom of the leaves stained with hot melt adhesive, can be inserted into the corresponding holes.

4, the trees are subject to fading, we first need to look at the color of the original tree, analyzing how the color of the original tree is to blend, then step color, the last layers of the body to prepare a tree original color.