Maintenance Note Simulation Thereof

First, the simulation of small plants and artificial flowers, foliage simulation of maintenance.

Simulation of a small plant foliage and flowers are fused at high temperature by a harmless green materials, and then the processing machines and high-end technology made of, both have really landscaping plants, cultivate feelings of the role, but also for indoor and outdoor use double and the use of the process is relatively easy to maintain. For example, some small plants placed after a long time, there may be covered with a layer of dust on top of the plant, leaves a slight drop phenomenon, then it, just need to take off the dust leaves rinse with water, dried plug it back place, the tree trunk can be wiped with a wet towel and clean, falling leaves with hot melt adhesive applicator projecting interface, and then inserted back into the trunk of the tree can be.

Second, large-scale simulation of plant maintenance and tree maintenance.

If the trees are placed too long, they may avoid being damaged or worn, on this issue, we are using the original tree trunk material glass fiber and resin blend ingredients, namely FRP materials, access to a small amount of damage the patch in place, then use a brush out of the lines until after the dry ingredients, painted the appropriate color on the line.