Selection And Positioning Of Theme Parks

    Theme park design is to rely on creativity to promote the idea of tourism products, therefore, the theme park theme selection is particularly important. The world's successful theme park, are distinctive, different, like walking in the painting, leaving an unforgettable impression. In contrast, China's theme parks, mostly subjective repetition, lack of personality, to copy, imitate the majority, content is almost the same, the lack of scientific, authenticity, artistic and interesting, lack of serious market analysis and real creativity Landscape construction of the landscape, of course, is bleak business or hastily end, and cause financial, human and material waste.Theme Park

    The theme selection of theme park design is a decision-making process that combines subjective judgment with rational market analysis. The theme park design is a reflection of the developer's ability to cultivate, learn and innovate. It requires developers to have a keen sense of marketplace to capture potential market opportunities and to use skilled business experience to organize professionals to refine, The At the same time the theme park theme selection also relies on the professional staff of the market survey results. Market research can help the theme park theme to take the initiative to cater to or guide the needs of consumers, thus jumping simple plagiarism, imitation of the shadow.Theme Park

    Site selection is an important factor affecting the success of the theme park design. The determination of the theme park site must be based on a detailed analysis of the surrounding tourist market and field study based on, and absolutely can not imagination, rashly. Construction of a good theme park, should pay full attention to market analysis and market positioning, the cultural connotation to make the right commercial value judgments, improve the re - rate and investment income ratio, and through the tourism multiplier effect to promote the development of other local industries.

    First, the theme park market is closely related to the resident population and the floating population in the surrounding area. In general, the theme park around 1 hour drive area is its main market location, the population of these areas at least 200 million people; 2 to 3 hours by car for the secondary market area, the population should be more than 2 million People; in addition, the third market location and long-distance tourists are mainly dependent on the theme park brand influence and convenient fast traffic system to import.Theme Park

   Second, in general, the theme park high input, high consumption characteristics make it deeply affected by the hinterland socio-economic. Therefore, in the theme park design site selection, we should first consider the economically developed areas. The same theme within the same theme park is a dense distribution, is bound to cause the lack of tourists lead to vicious competition.

   Again, the theme park design site selection also need to take full account of the site where the traffic conditions to facilitate the free flow of passengers. The theme park area requires a more robust three-dimensional transport system, especially in the vicinity of the theme park at least one can accommodate large traffic, and a good intersection of the main road, and an auxiliary can be used as an emergency entrance to the secondary road The Theme Park developers should actively create good external conditions, take the initiative to guide and quickly transport customers.