Simulation Animal Handicrafts

The use of animal fur simulation animals made in accordance with the life-size stuffed animals, we can say it is a leather animal toy. According to the usual animal expressions and movements, simulation animals of various shapes and lifelike. With more and more people love pets, pet shops, pet hospitals gradually flourished. However, for various reasons, like many pet owners can not or is not suitable for pets, such as pregnant women, when it appears pet simulation greatly make up for their needs. A lifelike simulation of cats and dogs, neither feeding, it does not care, the same can bring happiness.

Product Features:

Real fur, deep processing, variety, shape and smooth, dynamic realistic, lifelike, soft and comfortable. Strong resistance to damage, not easy to break. Do not shed, no pollution. Really easy to go gray fur has the characteristics of long-term to keep clean (dust: while combing hair to one side; traces of oil: Available dry cleaning, do not wash)

How to clean:

First dip detergent wipe with a damp cloth, then with a dry cloth or toilet paper. Simulation animal fur use more glue sticky hair, not washing, wipe can not be too hard, otherwise Shed! If the fur appears scattered state, it can be appropriate to use a comb gently patted, dressed as your favorite way to cash her unique decorative value.