Simulation Animal Take You To Understand Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a forward-looking scientific research, since the development of information technology, people have been in this field for a long time scientific exploration and technical fortification, and constantly emerging new ideas, new ideas, new theories, new technologies, as the future of science and technology revolution important birthplace. In view of the present development, its intension and denotation have developed from the theory of association, Symbolism and behaviorism to the broad sense of intelligence science. Intellectualization is the development trend of information technology in the future, and also the important characteristic of the third industrial Revolution, which has become the key link of technological innovation in the field of production and life, and has a far-reaching influence.Simulation Animal

As with any emerging discipline that was once in the process of development, Ai's early development was not a smooth one, which had been questioned by many parties. For example, machine translation in the 80 's did not achieve the expected results, its main subject to the limitations of computer computing ability, can not imitate the human brain context thinking.

At the theoretical and technical level, artificial intelligence technology provides a theoretical basis for innovative applications based on the internet and mobile Internet. For example, automatic theorem inference for network information retrieval, problem solving, remote diagnosis and other problems provide an automatic solution; Natural language Comprehension provides theory and method for computer human language comprehension; Data mining provides rules, clustering and other data processing, modeling, etc. Evaluation criteria.Simulation Animal

In the technology application and innovation level, the development of AI technology will guide the development of network technology such as ICT in the future. At present, the large-scale network application represented by intelligent algorithm, deep learning and cloud computing has become an important development direction of ICT industry. Major Internet companies in the field of deep learning continue to actively explore. Deep learning is a focus area in machine learning research, and its research focuses on establishing and simulating the "neural network" of human brain analysis and learning.Simulation Animal