Simulation Animal Toy Popular

In the street, a young man stood stall, stocked with a group of spiders, grasshoppers, mice. Readily picked up a "spider", feel soft, just put on the palm tentacles also a move a bit, it is realistic. Owner, such simulation toys sold well, though usually seem more disgusting animals, but the kids like it very much, do not be afraid. Due to the high price is not very hot, after seeing some children pestering their parents to buy before they agree to go.

Reporters learned that some children have not seen the usual "pests", even if seen, parents and teachers can educate them not to fumble, so to see the simulation animal toys feel particularly strange, and some naughty child such toys will buy back " tease "people. In addition, because these are not pinching bad, do not throw rotten plastic products, some young people use to buy back when decompression toys. Visited the reporter found that in some toy shops, there are a lot of interesting voice-activated toys, as long as the unique shape or shocking, to see and buy everyone a lot. A shopkeeper, gadgets mainly to see if there is not interesting, young people and children to buy things easily fatigued, and some stuff is not popular OTC few months, so they often have to go out scouring the fresh stuff, continue to attract others eyes, and eccentric young things will often be considered a personality.