Simulation Dinosaur Software Control

The Jurassic herbivorous dinosaur diet habits were studied, they use the 3D high-tech effect "resurrection" of the ancient times of the monster. Scientists to Liang Long as the object of study, Liang Long is a large herbivorous dinosaurs, living in 150 million years ago, the Jurassic. Liang Long's huge size, the general height of more than 170 feet, weighing 12 tons, Liang Long is the history of the earth's longest animal, only the length of the neck to reach 20 feet.Simulation Dinosaur

For a long time, this ancient era of the monster's eating habits are a fan. Through the modern science and technology, the scientists use the 3D effect to restore the life status of Liang Long, through the computer simulation technology Liang Liang skeleton of the force situation, to infer the detailed data of their diet. The 3D reduction effect based on CT scanning technology shows that Liang Long did not chew the leaves as much as he had guessed before, but bite a branch of the mouth, and then pull all the leaves into the mouth, during which the skull and teeth Basically no force. Modern technology for us "resurrection" of the ancient monster, researchers said that dinosaurs living habits and incredible, almost no modern animals can be analogy.Simulation Dinosaur

Test and demonstrate a variety of electronic circuits, including electrical engineering, analog circuits, digital circuits, RF circuits and microcontrollers and interface circuits. Can be simulated circuit components installed in a variety of failures, such as open circuit, short circuit and different degrees of leakage, etc., to observe the different fault conditions of the circuit work. While simulating, the software can also store all the data at the test point, list all the components of the simulated circuit, and store the working status of the test instrument, display the waveform and specific data.Simulation Dinosaur

Can directly print out the experimental data, test parameters, curves and circuit schematics; the experiment does not consume the actual components, the number of components required for the experiment and the number of unrestricted, low experimental costs, experimental speed, high efficiency; And the successful circuit of the experiment can be used directly in the product.Simulation Dinosaur