Simulation Dinosaur The Origin Of The Dinosaur

Simulate dinosaurs--do you know the source of the dinosaur?

Simulation Dinosaur The dinosaur name means "horrible lizard"!

Simulation Dinosaur In 1822, the British country doctor Mantel first spotted a bird's teeth, but no one knew the dinosaurs on Earth. Until 1842, the British famous anatomical family Owen was the term "Dinosaur" (the horror Lizard), the Japanese translated it into "dinosaurs". From then on, this kind of animals in the Mesozoic dominate the Earth, have the image, accurate appellation.

Simulation Dinosaur These terrestrial reptiles live mainly in the Mesozoic, which are the major species on earth during that period. According to the different structure of the hips, the dinosaurs were divided into two categories of the hip and hip-bird class.

Simulation Dinosaur All the bird-hip dinosaurs are plant-eating, while the lizard-hip dinosaur has a ferocious carnivorous dinosaur and a plant-eating dinosaur. This constitutes a large class of dinosaurs.

The earliest dinosaurs--stolen dragon

Simulation Dinosaur Which dinosaur was the earliest occurrence of dinosaurs? This is the answer that paleontologists dream of, uncover the mystery, and we have a clearer answer to the evolution of dinosaurs. The answer is changing with constant exploration, and later, new fossil evidence suggests that dinosaurs may have originated in South America.

In northwestern Argentina, a place called the Valley of the moon, paleontologists found many precious fossil skeletons of early dinosaurs and other large reptiles. Among them, the most critical fossil specimen must count the discovery of the dragon.

Simulation Dinosaur 1993, Dr. Sereno and colleagues examined the Moon Valley, and they found a well-preserved new skeleton fossil, which was named after the study of the Stolen Dragon (Eoraptor). The stolen dragon is nearly 1 meters long and weighs only 5-7 kilograms. In the dinosaur family, it can only be a kitten. Interestingly, in the mouth of the dragon, the back teeth like a grooved steak knife, which is similar to other carnivorous dinosaurs; but the teeth in front of them are leaf-shaped, which is similar to the evolution of the other species of the first dragon, one of the earliest dinosaurs on earth.

Evidence supporting this view also includes the 5 "fingers" of the Stolen Dragon, and the "fingers" of the later carnivorous dinosaurs tended to diminish, with only two "fingers" left in the last occurrence of the big beast Foot class, such as the Tyrannosaurus. Again, the waist of the stolen Dragon is only 3 Jian vertebra support its compact belt, when the size of the dinosaur become larger, the number of supporting the waist belt of the recommended increases. 

Simulation Dinosaur According to the skeletal morphology of the dragon, paleontologists classified it into the Beast's foot, which is a kind of carnivorous (very few omnivorous and herbivorous), relying on the hind legs of two feet walking dinosaurs. But the earliest dinosaur of the dragon was stolen, and it was likely that it would need to be used again and again. Although the stolen dragon still has 5 toes as its first ancestor, but the V-toe has degenerated very small, and the toe of the IV plays an auxiliary supporting role, it stands mainly relying on the middle 3 toes to prop up the weight of the body, its future animal foot descendants inherit this feature.

Simulation Dinosaur From the beginning of the Dragon broke shell and out of the Triassic on the Earth, announcing the Dinosaur dynasty the first round of the Rising Sun.