Specific Introduction To Artificial Simulation Animal

    According to various characteristics of animals (morphology, cell, heredity, physiology, ecology and geographical distribution), animal taxonomy classifies animals into 6 main grades, namely, gate, outline, aim, branch, genus and species.Artificial Simulation Animal
    According to fossil studies, the earliest animals on earth came from the sea. Early marine animals, after a long geological period, gradually evolved various branches, enriching the early life of the Earth. Before the advent of humans, prehistoric animals had emerged and prospered during their respective periods of activity. Later, they became extinct in a changing environment. But the animals on Earth continue to evolve and multiply from low to high, from simple to complex, and today's diversity.Artificial Simulation Animal
    Scientists have divided existing human-known animals into two categories, invertebrates and vertebrates. Scientists have identified more than 46,900 species of vertebrates. including carp, yellow croaker and other fish animals, snakes, lizards and other reptiles, frogs, baby fish and other amphibians, birds and other mammals such as red Panda and other animals.Artificial Simulation Animal
    Simulation is a virtual thing or process. Impersonation is the key feature of the selected physical system or abstract system. Key issues of simulation include the acquisition of effective information, the selection of key features and manifestations, approximate simplification and application of assumptions, and the reproducibility and effectiveness of simulations. It can be considered that simulation is a special simulation to reproduce the external performance of the system. The concept of simulation in a computer system: simulation: An instruction system for implementing another computer (called a virtual machine) on an existing computer, called a host, using software. Simulations often use virtual concrete scenarios, and often use mathematical modelling of abstract methods. The simulation was initially used only in physics, engineering, medicine, space technology and so on. After the 1950s, gradually extended to business management, economic research.
In the real economy life directly carries on the experiment, either is impossible, or is not worth the cost, but establishes the model according to the actual question, and uses the model to carry on the experiment, compared the different consequence, chooses the feasible plan, is the effective substitution method. At the same time, due to the increasing and complication of economic mathematical model, and the more consideration of non economic influence, it is impossible to achieve the exact analytic solution by mathematical operation, but it is necessary to use computer simulation to reach the digital solution by numerical calculation. In the synthesis of these two aspects, the simulation can provide a new method for solving the model even if the indirect test is possible.Artificial Simulation Animal