The Classification Of Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs

    The concept of animation is different from the general sense of the cartoon, animation is a comprehensive art, it is a collection of paintings, comics, movies, digital media, photography, music, literature and many other arts categories in a form of art. Britain, which originated in the first century of 19th century, flourished in the United States, and the Chinese animation originated in the 1920s. Animation is a young art, it is the only one to determine the date of birth of an art, October 28, 1892 Emile Reynold first in Paris, the famous Glefan Wax museum to the audience to show the optical film, marking the formal birth of animation, while Emile Reynold also known as "the father of animation." After more than 100 years of development, animation art has a more perfect theoretical system and industrial system, and its unique artistic charm by people's favorite.Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs
   Animation is by the character of the expression, action, change and so on after the decomposition of a lot of action in a moment of the picture, and then the camera continuous shooting into a series of pictures, the visual cause continuous changes in the picture. Its basic principle is the same as film, television, is the principle of visual retention. Medical science has shown that humans have a "visual retention" feature, in which a person's eye sees a picture or an object and does not disappear within 0.34 seconds. Using this principle, when a painting has not disappeared before playing the next picture, it will give a person a smooth visual change effect. Animation production is a very cumbersome work, the Division of labor is very meticulous. Usually divided into prophase production, metaphase production, post-production. The prophase production also includes the plan, the work creation, the fund raise and so on; the medium-term production includes the mirror, the original picture, the middle picture, the animation, the color, the background painting, the photography, the dubbing, the recording and so on; post-production includes splicing, special effects, subtitles, synthesis, screening Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs
   Simulation is a virtual thing or process. Impersonation is the key feature of the selected physical system or abstract system. Key issues of simulation include the acquisition of effective information, the selection of key features and manifestations, approximate simplification and application of assumptions, and the reproducibility and effectiveness of simulations. It can be considered that simulation is a special simulation to reproduce the external performance of the system. The concept of simulation in a computer system: simulation: An instruction system for implementing another computer (called a virtual machine) on an existing computer, called a host, using software.Animated Electric Simulation Dinosaurs