Theme Park Integrated Tourism Body

The theme park is a new tourism attraction produced by the modern tourism industry in the development of tourism resources, and has been developed to the third generation theme park products. The theme park is an artificial tourist attraction, around one or more specific themes, the use of modern science and technology and multi-level space activities set up to form a lot of entertainment content, leisure elements and service facilities in one of the modern tourism place.Theme Park

Creative, inspiring theme is the soul of the theme park, is the theme park is different from other commercial entertainment facilities, the fundamental characteristics. Theme Park

Therefore, the theme park theme selection is its core resources. Successful theme park operation experience shows that the theme park theme must be clear, for a specific market segments, to meet the needs of specific customers. The theme structure can be a theme multiple times, or it can be a theme.Theme Park As the theme park provides a product is a way to travel consumption of cultural products, in this sense: the theme park is a special form of tourism for the cultural products manufacturers. At the same time, the characteristics of culture determines that cultural products should have distinctive characteristics, and this feature should have the mass basis that can be appreciated, it is necessary to excavate and adapt to the culture of the base, to avoid the abuse of culture.Theme Park

Micro-location refers to the city's internal location, the theme park is generally located in the big city edge. Because the theme park generally covers an area of large, and the urban edge of the land is limited, land prices are relatively cheap. Secondly, we must also take full account of the traffic conditions in the area where the site is located, so as to facilitate the free flow of passengers. The theme park area requires a more robust three-dimensional transport system, especially in the vicinity of the theme park at least one can accommodate large traffic volume, and a good intersection of the main road, and an auxiliary can be used as an emergency entrance to the secondary road The Again, the same theme within the same theme park is a dense distribution, is bound to cause the lack of tourists lead to vicious competition.Theme Park